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Well, after not riding the quad hardly at all these last couple of months I believe it's time for me to get rid of it. As stated in the title, it is a 2008 Kawasaki KFX450, green in color. I purchased it new on April 11, 2007. The bike is in great shape, starts up and runs flawlessly. There are a couple of tiny scratches from the woods and my boots as well but nothing major by any means. Near the first of June, it was taken in to Kawasaki for the gas tank recall and at that time it had ~8 hrs on it so I went ahead and had them do the first service of the bike. Since getting back, I've ridden it one time lol. I simply just don't have nor can make the time to use it so I'd rather sell it than let it go to waste.


I don't really have any pics of it other than a couple I took when it was new (and they are crappy cell pics I just took to send to some friends), but I can take a couple and post them up if need be. Give me a call if you're interested 423.650.3680. I'm located in Benton, TN which is near Chattanooga. Asking $6200 OBO for bike. It IS COMPLETELY STOCK.


Mac Massengill
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