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Ok, here is what I have. I got a 2004 Yamaha YFZ450 that just seems to be getting me in trouble with money. I am asking aorund $3,800. I seem to be in a big mess with this sport right now, so I have to give it up now. this is the end for me for a very long time, probably for the rest of my life. I just need money to have a place to live and to pay bills and crap, so I'm done, I give up this quadracing and riding for good now, at least until I can buy another one, which who knows how long that will be, but anyway, here is the list of mods i have done to it:
-TCS Front and Rear shocks
[email protected] polished case saver
[email protected] polished thumb throttle cover
[email protected] polished front brake reservour cover
[email protected] polished decompression plug
[email protected] polished e-brake block off cover
-Tag X-5 Silver handle bars
-Tag black grips
-GYTR Kickstart lever
-GYTR kickstart shaft kit
-GYTR starter block off plug
-Nacs Racing +1.5 steering stem
-NCVQ Needle
-Woodward Racing polished fuel screw
-Holeshot MXR6 front tires
-Holeshot MXR4 Rear tires
-DG Pro Peg Nerf Bars
-DG Nationals Front bumper
-DG Mx/Nationals rear grab bar
-Motion Pro +2" longer than stock thumb throttle cable
-Motion Pro +2" longer than stock clutch cable
-GYTR air filter
-bunch of new bolts I bought for it that are not factory bolts

That's it for now and that's all the mods I'm going to buy for it cause I don't have anymore money to buy anymore parts for it, so it's sold as is and this quad has been well taken care of, never abused since I've owned, but I just never seem to have any money to ride it anymore, so I have to get rid of it, so let me know and I'll get new pictures up this week. Call me at:1-715-268-4977 E-mail me:[email protected] or just reply and post a message on here and let me know if you're interested.

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ok, so I talked to my mother and godfather and my mother told me she's not going to let me sell the one thing I love to do, so I guess I'm going to be keeping my quad and all my problems, well they won't be a problem hopefully anymore for me. I just was having a bad time and bad day again, but it got batter today cause now I don't have to sell my quad anymore, so if a moderator can delete this post, I'd appreciate it
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