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Ok, I am going to just let this quad go as is right now. First $3,000 takes it. Anyone, let me know as soon as possilble, the sooner, the better. I just want this quad gone. The list of mods, are final, I am not buying anyhting more for this quad, I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible, anyone just let me know

-DG Nationals Black Front Bumper
-DG MX Grab Bar
-DG Pro Peg Nerf Bars with blue nets
[email protected] billet E-brake cover
[email protected] billet Decompression plug
[email protected] Billet thumb throttle cover
[email protected] billet front brake master cylinder cover
[email protected] Silver case saver
-steel bolts, nuts, and washer plates
-19x6-10 Holeshot MXR6 front tires
-19x10-9 Holeshot MXR4 rear tires
-Streamline Rear Brake Rotor
-Tag X-5 Silver Handlebars
-Tag black bar grips
-DR.D Race Slip on pipe
-Jetted-170 main jet, 45 pilot jet
-NCVQ Needle
-Woodward silver fuel screw
-GYTR air filter
-2006 polished stock steering stem
-bikerman tether kill switch
-MX Revolution reuseable oil filter
-TCS shocks-stock shocks rebuilt by TCS Suspension
-HEP Silver Lower Race Series Rear Fender Brackets
-All Balls Blue upper and Black lower chain rollers

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anyone interested? please let me know. I really want to sell this by the end of the month. I would put it on ebay, but i can't right now because i have to wait till i get the front shocks back so i can take new pictures of it, but for now i have to try to sell it this way on forum quad sites.

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QUOTE (KFX450R_Rider @ Jul 22 2007, 03:31 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2812
ummm......no, im in the right forum. I posted my quad for sale in the for sale forum. what just because its not a kfx450r, i can't post it on here?
LOL… I saw you bumping your own post.

Bro, You can post a bike forsale anywhere… just IMO you would do much better on the YFZ forum (tab at the top) or on ebay.

Good Luck
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