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Well it’s November and all the major east coast racing series are over. As many of you know with the invocation of the WPSA series into the racing world changes the way the end of season banquets and awards are handled. Although the AMA/ATVA put on a fantastic awards presentation the reality that there is no longer a complete family awards gathering.

Let’s face it; there are some fantastic riders out there who deserve the recognition by their peers, family and friends. And the series they run really does not matter. AEM wants to step in and provide your best venue to show appreciation to those racers and riders.

Last year Thomas Brown won our ‘2006 AEM Amateur Rider of the Year’ award. This year we are going to offer an even larger package of riders. AEM has asked a private committee of 50 people within the industry who they personally felt should be nominated for the following categories:

1. Amateur Rider of 2007
2. Pro Rookie of 2007
3. Vet or Senior Rider of 2007
4. Most Improved Rider of 2007
5. Nicest Rider of 2007
6. Best ATV Print Magazine of 2007
7. Most visible support vendor of 2007
8. Most influential person in ATV Racing 2007
9. Hard Luck Award 2007
10. Youth Rider of 2007
11. ATV Journalist or Photojournalist of 2007
12. Female ATV Rider of 2007
13. Best Track or Race of 2007

And all readers are welcome to nominate ‘Amateur Rider of 2007’. We welcome the input from all our readers. If you want to nominate a rider feel free to email us the information. We will review the information and proceed from there.

Keep in mind the nominations can be any rider or racer. With the exception of ‘Amateur Rider of 2007’ the other categories can be Pro riders, vendors, or just the average person at the races.

Voting begins November 14th and ends November 23rd just check on ATV Exposed (www.atvexposed.com) the 14th and we will guide you through the rest. Plaques will be sent to all the winners.

Good luck to all and thanks again to everyone for supporting AEM and all we desire to offer to the sport!

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