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2008 KFX 450 4sale maybe trade

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I am going to sell 1 of my KFX's. It is bone stock and has around 8-10 hours on it. You can choose which plastic you would rather have. It has White and Black on it right now with the Monster Energy graphics I also have the Limited edition black on my other bike if you would rather have those. I am asking 5850.00 obo... Also open to trades. Nothing smaller than a 450 so dont even ask. Anything else let me know I might be interested.. any questions feel free to ask.
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I have a 92 sonoma..170K miles
Needs a little body work, but it has new upholstery.......LET ME KNOW........
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Not really interested in the v force.. thanks for the offer though...

lol if that sonoma needs a "little" body work then the titanic had a slow leak...lol is your bike outta the shop yet??
lol....but the new upholstery,(a new seat cover), should more then compensate for the body work......look at it this way....if the titanic would have had bondo, maybe it too would still be here today........

yea the bike is out of the shop, she is also fitted with a new exhaust and some skids...hopefully my flexx bars will be in on Friday..
give me a call sometime, i call all the time but the lady at your work always tells me the same thing..."he's on the road"....lol

later man
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