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AEM - 2006 Amateur Racer of the Year Voting

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Well it's almost the end of the year and AEM needs your vote!

AEM is inviting everyone to come and vote for who they consider the '2006 Amateur Racer of the Year' from their peers.

Currently a panel of 14 invited people who include Pro Racers, Print Magazine Journalists, E-Zine Owners & Journalists, Industry Vendors and select Peers have offered or agreed upon nominees.

This award is based on what the collective group has noted from the 2006 season. Each rider nominated is on this list for different reasons. And AEM is proud to let the world know that people are watching them.

This list of names will be complete on December 9th, voting starts on Dec 11th and voting ends on December 15th.

Although many racers will deserve this award only one will receive it. So look at the list of names, think it over and then start voting December 11th!

To see the names and vote please visit this link!

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Congrats to Thomas Brown. The count and numbers are official and he is the

2006 AEM Amateur Racer of the Year!

Thomas' name was put in as a nominee by someone who holds him in high regard and others on the committee felt the same way. This was then backed up by his peers.

Congratulations Thomas, you have earned this award and from the entire AEM staff we hope you enjoy receiving this for years to come and we wish you a great future in the sport we all love.

Chuck DeBault
ATV Exposed Magazine
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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