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Found this on ebay. I even ask the guy if hes positve thats its for the kfx450. He said he works closely with cp and said it was built for the quad motor.

CP Piston

anyone know the stock compression ratio?

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We have came on board as a site sponsor, They are in the process of getting our banners up and stuff.

We do have CP pistons in stock for the KFX450 ATV.

Right now we have a 13:1, 13.8:1.

We have a 14.25:1 piston we were testing and it showed excellent results, We are waiting on our first batch of those to come in.

We also have alot of cool new products we have been working on and developed for the new Kawi. Including Intakes, Cams and lots of goods for the chassis.
Our intakes are pushing over 6 peak H.P. with a stock exhaust and completely stock motor.

BCS Performance
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