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I've currently got my Honda 450R for sale, and am in the market for a new quad. I do almost all trail riding, a little bit in the sand and a couple GNCC races in the summer. I hve been leaning heavily toward the Kawi, mainly because I love the looks, the F.I., and they have reverse. I have also heard that w/ the basic 3 mods they become a monster pretty quick. What I am wanting to know is if there has been any issues w/ them that I should be aware of (i.e.- the LTR's have junk tranny's, does the Kawi have any issue like this).....I've owned all 3 of the other big 450s (TRX, LTR, and YFZ) so I have a lot to compare them too...i liked my Honda but it just got irritating having to dump big money into the motor to keep up w/ my buddy on my old LTR w/ just a cherry bomb and slip on exhaust. Thanks in advance for any input!!

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The Kawi is sick. I came off a built yfz to a stock Kawi and I hated it. Then I did the big 3 with the rights parts and correct tune its so bad a$$. The handling is far superior and the power is alot more useable.
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