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dont know which one would be better to put in my bike. Which one will perform better? not to worried about prices..

I would not use either one but that is up tp you I would use web cams if you cant afford them then go with hot cams stage 2 well be a great cam for those who like a good hard pull low moutians or tight stuff mid to low power with some small gains up high the three is going to be mid to top rpm with a gain all over I have used both sets and like them both very well WE saw equal gains in both stage 2 and 3 with the big three the cams made 3.5 horse with out they made 2.6 horse over our base line web cams are awesome but you have to give up your stock cams if you use the webs I would port the head and put a high comp piston in it We have used bcs to do this and our motor is makeing great power .. jay is the owner and donald is his best man . they can get you what you need
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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