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Well let me start by saying that my kfx failed on me after my first race of the day which meant I couldnt race the second one.
As I go to start it, it will start then shut off. I feels like its bogging out. Like a running out of gas feeling. As of now all it will do is start for a second and then shut off. My airfilter is trashed it looks like dirt go sucked into where the airfilter is and it could be clogging my fuel injection? i dont know? I took off the fuel injector to see if it was still shooting gas, it is. So as of now I have the fuel injector off of the Bike and when i go to turn it on it will spray gas, so i know that the fuse isnt blown right?
Does anyone know of something I can check. Do you think my fuel system is just to dirty? I dont have alot of ideas. And im gonna get a new spark plug just for the heck of it.

Please help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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