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Took my Kfx to the dealer the other day to have a problem checked out with a clicking noise coming from one of the front shocks. Got a call today saying that they tore apart both front shocks(without phoning me to notify me they were going to do that) and found that both front shocks are blown, seals are wrecked and one didn't have oil in it. Now they said warranty doesn't cover shocks because they are a "wear" item, so they're telling me a need to either rebuild them for $470 or buy new ones for $1300. I do average all around riding in all kinds of conditions. They said it's common for sand and dirt to get into the seals and wear out shocks but this is the first i've heard of anything like this. I brought it in a year ago telling them about the problem but they didn't look into it because it wasn't making the clicking sound at the time. So it's on paper that the problem was apparent about a year ago. Anyone have tips on how to go about dealing with this, or has any one had issues like this?
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