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Bunch of drag racing videos at Busco Beach

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22" cheng shin tires is the ticket for 600' races...light, they hooked good + top end.

kfx450r vs ltr vs 700r
kfx vs renegades vs bf698 vs 450r
kfx vs ltr vs z400 vs bf698
bf698 vs ltr vs kfx
bf698 vs drag bike
bf698 vs renegades
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raced mine a little bit out at pismo beach Mods; PC3, trinity intake, and full motoworks pipe w/15t sprocket. Was not impressed with the performance compared to the other quads out there, almost embarised to drag race it, but got back on my raptor and took care of business!!!
I raced a piped, PCIII and no lid kfx450r with stock gearing and 18" tires, wow I put a hurt on him.

With 22" and a 15T, you really need to know how to launch in 2nd gear, once you get that is over.
on ITP sandstars and 2nd gear launch, but got to rev it high to launch
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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