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Dealer Service

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Just picked up my quad after a month of sitting in the dealer and when they brought it out first thing I noticed was the left heel guard was cracked...I pointed that out then noticed the left front wheel was dented and had a very noticable flat spot on it, ok and yes you guessed it, the right front wheel was also dented...I was so pissed
the service manager immediately told me he'd get two new wheels and replace the heel guard...WTF is wrong with these people...they were supposed to test ride it, not test trash it! also told him I need a hefty discount on any service I get...he agreed... It's one thing if I trash my own bike but the dealer...
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I would have gotten the general manager to let him know that your attourney would be contacting him.

Just replacing parts isnt good enough. I would need some free sh*t or money in my pocket.
maybe that is why they had it a month... needed a demo around for prospective buyers..

you may want to take some measurements from a common outter spot on both a-arms
to the same spot on each foot peg to ensure you do not have any a-arm or frame tweeking
from a possible head on impact. Each side should measure out identifcal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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