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I do a bit of mx and mostly xc and I have an esr exhaust. Ecellent power and sounds awesome

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QUOTE (esquared @ Nov 16 2007, 01:39 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=4314
I have a Dasa and like it . Other than the heat it is night and day over stock .
Another pipe with like results to the Dasa is the
one which I use: an ESR full stainless system.
Great improvement in low end torque,
looks, sound and top end HP too !

Now I'm going to jack your thread with some spam....

Coincidentally, I have one for sale here too !

(Post from May ^)

4 sale - ESR (Eddie Sanders Racing )
full stepped stainless pipe, with a
polished can. New in box !

Billet spacer and rear mounting
bolt included. $420 + shipping
or $427 + shipping if you use paypal

I ship Postal Service Priority Mail

Here's the link:


I've also added a Purely Custom spark arrestor
which is the cause for the change since
the original post.


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