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I will post pics when i have a chance and for those seriously interested. I bought this kawi in may brand new, so it still has factory warantee. Bike only ridden half the season, i need to double check but hour meter reads only like 10 hours. mods:
ATV Four play LT front end
Fox Evol DSC front and Fox Podium DCS rear shocks
All 4 rims are Hipers with green rings
Dominator II axle
Lowerd subframe
BCS intake
Sparks pipe
tip over sensor bypass
quad cross pros, and kenda klaws
quadtech hood and air duct
sparks exhaust
hot cams
baldwin kill switch
rath nerfs and heel guards
15 tooth front sprocket
rath bumper

Bike was built and maintained by Dave Therrion (DRT owner and Josh Creamer and Keith Littles mechanic)
For a quick look at what the bike looks like, check the QOTM, its posted as the winner now, the only difference is it has a quadtech hood and Air Dam,
im sure theres more that im not thinking of but thats the gist of it. im looking to get $8,000. its well worth it. located in NH
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