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I have been doing some research on the kfx450 and I cant seem to find as much as id like. Some people say the machine is good, someone even said it blows. I have personally looked at the machine and I like the looks. I like the idea of an aluminum frame, the overall weight out of the crate and how light it is compared to all the other competing 450's. Even the idea of the a-arms being the closest to the center of the frame from the factory.

The point is I dont think the KFX450 is getting recognized like it should. I dont even have this machine yet, as I have a really modded YFZ450 and really hope this KFX450 ill be picking up on monday will make me happier than my unreliable but extremely quick and fast YFZ(it aint stock). After doing some research, heres some info I found:

1, the KFX450 has the highest output in power at 43.3hp against the YFZ, TRX, and LTR
2, the KX450F dirtbike has the highest HP in its class at 49. something at the rear wheels
3, the KFX450 is lighter out of the crate than all the others
4, after doing hours of research, its geared low meaning thats part of the reason its not "faster" than the rest but apparently quicker as ive read, so put 1 more tooth on the front OR drop 2 in the back for those of you who need to go fast(i know I do sometimes)
5, it is light and nimble from most reviews ive read, and if anyone has ridden a machine like that, you know how important and fun it is to control the machine and not let it control you.
6, after seeing the dyno results of the KX450F compared to the rest of the dirtbikes, it comes on with more torque and HP right off the line all the way almost till it tops out. I think the yamaha just has such a blah bottom end it feels like the top just hits hard when you get there. I know casue I have one.
7, years of development on the kfx450 shows like the welds and gussets on the frame
8, reverse is nice

This is just my opinion so please dont bash me. I think kawasaki has revolutionized the atv industry by adding the aluminumm frame to the 450's. It looksliek a great machine. I bet well see every 450 with a similar frame in the near future. I know cannondale had the aluminum frame first I think but it just wasnt recognized. They just wernt a big enough company to push the idea maybe.

I remember when the 2003 z400 came out. Suzuki made a great machine which I owned. It was like the last of the 400 series but it was the best of that series in my opinion even thought the frame sucked.

I think like kawasaki has made the last greatest 450 to date, until we see other players come out with more ideas and such. I would say with a few bolt ons, pipe, remapping of spark curves and maybe adding some more fuel if we can even do that, well see some higher HP ratings and crush all the other 450's in most areas.

The machine I have now is a 2004 YZ450 with a 2006 WR450 engine rated at 53HP or so stock in the bike supposedly at the crank. I have a crower cam, velocity intake, and some exhaust that is really loud but works good to make some decent HP, I know its alot more than the stock motor cause I can barely hold on.

I wanna know what you all think of this KFX450. I wanna know if it seems like its fast, quick, or sick. Does it handle like a dream? If you have owned or own another machine how does it compare. I just wanna know if its worth all 7500 out the door. Is it a great machine or what. Mostly what I see is its good, or handles good, and rides good. Is this machine GREAT? Let me know.

By the way im getting a green machine...

Thanks, Jeff

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Read my review listed on here or check out ATVSource.com for my official review from the press release on Friday.

I have ridden all 450's, raced all but the LTR, owned a Honda, have several Cannondales I've raced for years and now have a KFX thanks to sponsors. Out of every quad I've ever ridden w/a factory frame I will say hands down I think the KFX has the most potential, nimbleness, and handling control. The faster you ride the better it gets. I will be taking this summer to build mine into an all out MX machine and will see how it compares to my powerhouse C'Dale on Evols and steroids basically.

What does it for me is the control and light feeling. My C'Dales are built and blow it away in power right now but it tracks better everywhere. Until the KFX I'd never have said another quad was better there than my C'Dales. Time will tell the tale but it's a definate contender.

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Here are my points.

1) LTR better MX bike out of the box, period. If you think the KFX can handle like the LTR you are on drugs.

2) Wait till the aluminum cracks or breaks by the a-arms. No longer can joe amatuer welder fix.

3) Every 450 can be made to be just as fast as the other. You'll only be as fast as you are the rider.

Using rider skill examples: Bubba rides a 450 in motocross and smokes everyone, not because of the machine, because of rider ability. Put Bubba on a Suzuki, Yamaha, or KTM and he'll still beat everyone. Same goes for RC. They are just that much better than everyone else.

4) KFX maybe a good bike, but there are other quads that are already better bone stock. If you plan on racing MX and don't have a ton of money for mods, LTR is the way to go. If you have a ton of money to spend on mods then it doesn't matter so much.

IMO, you have a YFZ that is built, the only gain I can see is FI. That's it. Nothing else. (Reverse doesn't matter in MX so I don't count that)

To me Yamaha is on the right track as far as frames go. Raptor 700 is 1/2 aluminum = Smart. If the front suspension takes a hard hit and needs to be repaired, you can weld easy. If Yamaha incorporates this into the YFZ with added FI, it's going to be the bike to own. YFZ actually is the lightest at 350 LBS now so if they shave some weight with this half and half frame, plus the addition of FI, they will be in the driver seat.

As you can see here, the brand of quad you are on doesn't mean much:


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I went and picked up 2 KFX450s yesterday in CT, about 2 and a half hours from me in NY. I bought them for exactly 6600 plus tax each equaling out to be 6996 total. Gas was like 70 bux(high octane) to get there and back.

I realized the gearing is very low so the first thing on my list is a 2 tooth smaller rear sprocket. Next is front and middle skids and im making the rear one.

Theres no doubt it handles better than my yfz, but my yfz has a ton of power and its too loud. Its gonna take alot of money to get the kfx to almost 55hp at the wheels like my yfz, but im sure I will ike it when im done.

I ride XC only. Some occasional roads so I need to be fast. Im gonna use my gps here this weekend to see what it tops out at. Reverse is really nice. cant get any better and its so afast in reverse. This thing has a ton of torque. Unfortunately I havent hit 4th or 5th gear cause its still freezing out and salt on the roads.

The seat is harder than my yfz and ill find out how bad it really is this weekend comming up. I dont see a single flaw in the machine. It has tons of power, revs fast and crisp. It is very similar to my yfz all worked with one tooth less in the front. Very powerful and made for xc or the track but not good for a drag race. Ill get my GPS and tell you how it is with the stock sprockets versus the new one.

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