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i'm having a problem with losing nuts and bolts on my kfx. just about every trip, i go out riding and i get back and notice that it's missing a bolt somewhere. now i have 3 things missing. the first to go was a bolt holding the plastic on under the seat by the fuel tank, the second was one of the nuts on the brake light assembly, and the third was a bolt holding the right side heel guard to the peg. i used zip ties temporarily until i make a trip to the hardware store. so i'm just curious if anyone else has had this kind of problem? it's getting kind of frustrating :angry:
i bought a 09 kfx 450 monster edition and noticed that something was radleing on my way home. here i lost four bolts, nothing to important. i went through and tightened every thing, i aint had a problem since.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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