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Finally got a kfx

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Finally got one. All parts on order. just shipping is backed up for holidays. But for most part have everything on order. Ill keep posting in this topic as its getting built. List of parts on order. should be a B A M F

walsh flow a-arms
fox hi low all around
rath nerfs
douglas 4-1 black front rims
itp black rear beadlocks
quadcross tires all around
green back fenders
genx hood.. black
dasa pipe
rpm D2 axle
Fuel intake
15/37 gearing
ATV innovations harness
kick starter
Cutting subframe so it sits lower

I think thats it for now. but here some pictures. i picked it up last weekend. Must say its a big improvement over my yamaha. Handles great for a stock bike. cant wait to have it finished and set up

future plans are baldwin head with a set of web cams. and a CP 12.5:1 piston.

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nice kfx do u like it more than your yfz hows the power compared between the two.
Love the kfx. Cant comment to much on the motor compared the yamaha since that had a full pro motor in it. But this motor rips for stock. I cant believe how much faster it is then a stock yami or honda. Deffently feels like a stock yfz with a pipe when its completly stock. So very impressed. Smooth power handles great for a stock quad. Cant wait to be finished and its going to be a amazing bike. Much more potential then a yfz has to.

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