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Front and Rear Sprockets are available

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I sent my rear sprocket in to SprocketSpecialists.com and they have found out that the rear sprocket is the same as a 400ex except that the 400ex rear sprocket has a countersunk hole in it. This means that I am sure you can use a 400ex one with a different bolt.

I went and ordered mine from these guys and it ended up being a 72 dollars sprocket and shipping is free. It wasnt even harnened cause I didnt have time to get that, 2-3 day wait, that 12 more.

SO I got it and it will be here friday. It is a link loc sprocket and I hope it lasts. I bought the 34 tooth and when it gets here friday I will let you know my new top speed.

I also found out that the chain rollers are cheap so I went on ebay and bought some new ones. Anyone need some rollers?

The front sprocket is the same as a YFZ450.

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Yeah, I put the pipe on and the 34 rear with the 15 front and it flies. Its geared for the road mostly but If I change the front back down to a 14 Im sure it will be perfect. I will GPX it tonight since I dont wanna get caught on the road in the daylight. The rear sprocket from sprocket spcialists was a link loc and was perfect. it comes in 2 peices and went together great. The esr exahasut is nice and fit well. Very very loud tho. I like it and im sure with my cam which i am putting in later tonight I will be pulling some decent ponies.

Ill let you all know the GPS speed with the 14 and 15 front.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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