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* Parts for sale in US only *

A lot of these parts were on the Quad for
no more tha 10 - 20 minutes. Most removed
at 10hr service, some exchanged for other
parts at a later time. Nothing has more than
a weekend of riding on any part.

Used ESR exhaust used only at Duno runs
as was the stock airbox w Trinity kit. Stock
Ti headerpipe/can w sparky only run at first
Dealer service removed immediately.

Air Box w lid $100 (includes NEW K&N + Trinity flow kit)
Air Box Lid $10
New EHS Lid $60
Axle $75
Belly Skid $10
Bumper (Front) $15
Black IMS Intimidator OFF-ROAD front bumper $65

Brake Lever (RFoot)$15
Shift Lever $15 (both for $25)

Exhaust $40
Footpegs $30
Fuel ATV (all black) Gripper Seat Cover $10
Gastank (NEW) new model - $50
Headlights + plastic surround & wiring $50

Heel Guards $20
Heel Guard Frames $10 ($25 for both)

Hood (Black) $20
Hoses $20

Seat $80

ESR - Used - Polished Can - Full System - NO spark arrestor - $100
Dyno runs and one trip around my backyard track - Exhaust wrap + HS

Prices do NOT include shipping or insurance (if you want it) I live in the
Memphis, Tn area so pick up probably won't work unless you live in the
Boonies too... OK, I think that is all !

Just reply to the topic or PM if interested. Thanks in advance



ps. Lots of Banshee take offs too

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What ever happed to these items.
I've sent several PMs on both sites
w/o a response - what is still

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QUOTE (k4f5x0r @ Mar 22 2008, 07:32 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=7530
How much would the New esr exhaust shipped be? btw its the full "thumper" right? and how loud is it compared to a DASA?
PM sent

Yes that's the system. The ones I have are full polished cans.
If I remember from Fuel's test it was between the two Dasas
in sound and just under the 13" in power. But, I could be wrong.
You could search this site or HQ. I'm sure the info is here, I am
just not finding it at theis moment.



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Do not worry about buying from andy he is a great guy and a great seller. Easy to communicate with. I bought the NEW esr exhaust off of him. I had many questions and he answered all of them and more. and His prices are awesome.
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