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I need to know the Fuel Injector specs for diffrent sport quads.

I am looking for a replacment for the Kings injector. Mine is not going to run with some more umph

Here is the Kings specs, If you know some others please post them


You asked, here is the info and picture for the current injector. The current unit is 32#, I'm thinking 38-42# is a value you'd want. The connector is a NipponDenso style. If you find a Bosch style connector, you can buy conversion cables that will allow the stock harness to plug into the Bosch EV1 connector.

The style lends itself to something found in a Toyota product (as well as Subrau).

Here is the information we have from the unit:
Length: 2.236” (56.8 mm)
Diameter: 0.550” (14.0 mm)
Nose Diameter: 0.330” (8.4 mm)
Cushion seal diameter: 0.558” (14.2 mm)
Diameter of fuel rail end: 0.411” (10.4 mm)
Diameter of O-ring on fuel rail end: 0.479” (12.2 mm)
Connector: Nippon Denso style
Markings (stamped by connector pins): LICENSE BOSCH
Part Number: 25205Z6 (viewable in the picture that is enclosed).
Flow Rate (measured): 31.6 lbs/hr (333 cc/minute)
Rail Pressure: 43PSI idle, 42PSI injector on "
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