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First make sure you read the instructions that is provided by FuelATV. After you have read through the instructions a few times, you should be ready for the install.

Verify you have all the parts you need for the install

Lift up the quad so the rear suspension is at full droop

Looking at the shock at full droop from underneath

You can get to one of the hose clamps here

Looking down on the stock intake. You can see the two hose clamps that hold on the larger intake tube and the air temperature sensor mounted on the old air box

Crank case vent tube connection to the air box

The stock larger intake tube. Fuel is right, this thing is VERY RESTRICTIVE

Mounting the billet adapter into the new intake tube. It is a tight fit, but if you put a couple fingers on the inside of the tube and push the intake tube over the billet adapter, it will slide together without too much problem

After removing the air box completely (4 top bolts + 10 lower sub frame bolts), you can install the new intake tube

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Great job .... thanks for doing this.
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