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I've had a slammin this year at the enduros!!
This is my 2nd season of racing and a run down of my events-

RACE 1 - 2.5 HOURS 8 MILE TRACK - On my Cannondale/ktm 640 hybrid(now sold)
it went through scruiteneering fine went to park the bike and stalled it!! it wouldnt restart 1 hour before the race it ended up in bits and i finally traced the fault back to a bad earth connection on the earth from the battery onto the frame!!!! with 5 mins to the start of the race!!!!!!!!! i fitted my m8s spare battery aswell!!
Well every thing was going fine until i was in a tight woods section on lap 8 and i clipped a large tree stump and stalled it! ARRRRRRR!! flat battery and it would'nt start..
I sat on the side of the track about half a mile from the end of the track piss'd big style!!
so i pushed my quad about 250 yds in2 an open part and my m8 stopped after hed passed me 4 times!!! i found some rope and tied it onto his pred and he towed me and it bump started...

there was only about 7 mins left of the race so i stopped 100 yds before the flag and waited for the end of the race and cruised through avoiding a DNF! I did 9 laps and came 14th in class out of 31 not bad as been as i sat on the side of the track for 45 minutes!!!
I found out later that the battery my m8 lent me was f****d and wouldnt take recharging!!!

RACE 2 - 2.5 HOURS 7.6 MILE TRACK - When i got to the race with my nice shiney new kfx 450r, my m8 noticed that i'd smashed half of my skid plate of so my sprocket was'nt protected, the weather was hardcore rain / mud and filth so i rode extra carefully taking some weird lines not to smash my sprocket and carrier so i didnt enjoy this race as i ended up riding like a ****** i'm usually quite aggresive racing so i was p****d right off again, but i used my reverse about 7 times!!! WOO HOO!! and i hated my stinkin thumb throttle coz i've used a twist for years..
I ended up doing 9 laps and came 8th out of 29 in class.

RACE 3 - 2.5 HOURS 9 MILE TRACK - I had an awesome start and was i the lead in my class and in front of a load of the class above, in the tight woods the kfx was awesome and i passed about 12 quads in the tight stuff, in the open fire roads i was chasing my m8 tim who rides in the expert class and was all over him on the 2nd lap until i came out of the woods section!!!!!!
This is where things went hardcore, as i came out of the tight woods section 1st/2nd gear as soon as you come out of the woods sharp right down a 500 yard straight, i came out of the woods turned and pinned the throttle and i could see a yfz 450 upside down off the side of the track about 40 yds up so as i'm accelarating i glance left and see someone on the floor, look again and see the colour of the top on the person on the floor!!!!!!!!
wooter!! panick!! meltdown!!! my missus had been knocked down by the yfz!! i swervved of the track. the w*****r on the yfz had come out of the woods seen a few people taking photos started show boating, gave it a handfull of throttle and lost control and rammed into my missus flat out in 2nd doing a wheelie!!!!!!!!!!!!
( told to me by 3 eye witnesses)
I'm panicking now her eyes are open but in laa laa land and shes not breathing properly, i found out since she was winded but she was in a mess....! here came the paramedics about 30 secs after, and then the ambulance came after about 10 mins..
Straight to A+E she ended up with more cuts and bruises than i've ever seen and a broken right hand which she had to have surgery on to have pin'd and wired and is now in plaster, they thought she'd broken her right wrist but it was ok.
Emma ended up in the hospital for 4 days and then had to put up with a 5 hour drive home in hardcore pain..!!! its been 3 weeks since the accident and shes still in some pain, i have never seen so many cuts, bruises on one person at one time!!
She told me the last thing she can remember is seeing me coming through the woods in the distance and she was getting her camera ready to take a pic of me racing, so she was looking down at the camera setting it up so thats why her arms took the brunt of the bump, but if she hadnt had her arms in front of her it could have been internal injuries!
Shes hard as nails and on the way to recovery!!

I'm currently 11th in the club championsips out of 31 in my class, which is'nt too bad considering!!!!


Anyone else having a hard time racing??

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weve had our ups and downs too, i ride on a 2-man MX team, my buddy is a pro on a KTM, and im a jjunior, firts year on the 450 KTM, first time i had it out to the track, i remembered, that after all the dynos we did on it, t break in oil was never changed!! next thing i hear is some pops, bangs and im seein a lot of smoke, so i go to rive back to the pit, and the bike jut dies!, turned out to be a melted wire, and i had emptied the rad and burnt the oil, scuffed the piston and cylinder slightly, but its still runnnin.

first race went great, took a 3rd and a 2nd, 2nd race, i though i'd try the A class, just to ride the bigger, more complicated side f the track, of course, first moto in the A class, got kicked wierd on a stepdown and bailed, i was ok except for the road rash on my arse, but my steering stem had snapped at the upper bushing, clean off, so i was done for the day.

the next weekend was the CMRC opener! went up to practice friday night, rode all day saturday and the bike was perfect, the new Walsh stem wa doing its job, and we had been incident free, but, that night, i was sitting on the back seat of a golf cart, going down a paved part of the pits, when we hit a big bump that nobody saw, let me say right now this was no normal golf cart, uit topsout around 40-50 km/h and i fell off at about 30, i hit the round running, no step, two steps, one more sep and i'm on the grass, nope, i landed HARD, on the pavement, rolled onto the grass, and didnt move, i was consious, but i wasnt sure if i was hurt badly, it all happened so fast, so the cart turns around and comes back to see if i'm ok, i had a gash right down to the bonein my left eyebrow that was bleeding everywhere, road rash all up my left arm and hip, 6 stitches at the local hospital, and i was good to go for the next day.

Sunday: started in neutral y first moto, worked my way from 30th to ninth in 10 minutes, then, coming up behind an LTR in a HUGE whoops section, his back end swapped out, i hit it, wheelied, hit the next and was catapoulted off the bike, fw beackwards and laon the next whoop,got up and finished 12th. in my intermediate , i was midpacky grip fell off, so, not wanting to ruin the day, i pulled off to wire it back on. 2nd jr moto, got into a pil on the holeshot and was d last, worked my ass off the whole race and passed26 riders in 10 minutes for a 4th place finishi was too exhausted to ride my 2nd indiate moto.

i went 2 more weeks incident free, but the shannonville duble header was coming up, 2 dead last holeshots,on day one, a 5th overall. day 2, took the holeshot in moto 1, led the whole first lap, but ran wide no a slik corner and watched my lead be taken away, rode it out for 2nd, moto 2 was 5ththe gate, moved up to third, was goin for 2nd on the last lap coming into the last corner and really hit hard in a whoops section, i was KOd,but i finished the last 20ft in 9th, another 5th.

since then ive been smooth, not crashes to report, but my walsh stem is a POS, the stock one has a sealed o-ring at the top of te bushing and the bottom of it, the walsh one doesnt have it so mud jams itself into the bushing and acts like a steering damper, but ive already invested 900$ in one, ugh
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