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QUOTE (Psychosis @ May 4 2007, 11:16 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=1712
I will be doing some reviews here shortly on my KFX which will involve the new Hiper Tech 3 rims, the new Pirelli Race Rail MX tires, and also a new style of Works shocks not available just yet. Everything is in but the shocks which should be w/in a week I'm told and then the reviews will be done at Speedworld MX in Surprise, AZ if anyone wants to join. Trying to set it up to have access to the track by myself and the photographer but not sure on that yet; waiting on track response.

I'm hoping to have a video made for the products as well as full write-ups and pictures. They will be ATVSource.com exclusives but I will link over from here for some good info. Can't wait to test the new Hipers and the Pirelli's have a really cool tread pattern on them. Similar to the Holeshot series but w/an interesting twist on the actual pattern and depth. Hopefully they're as good as they say.

As for the Works shocks. I've never been a fan but these will be for stock arms/swingarm tested extensively on an MX track. Hopefully they live up to the claims since they are a completely new design. Should be about 2 weeks until everything is up and online.

But for now you can check out a more current review of the WeaponMX G-Zero trank foam which should be online w/in the next 2 days at ATVSource.com.
Thanks for the update. Can't wait for the review.
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