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When placing the arcade machines, we need to pay attention to the uniqueness and advantages of each machine. So that the arcade machines can complement each other in appearance and function, and bring tourists a chain of surprises. Make some adjustments according to the income of different arcade machines. The most popular arcade machine should be placed at the entrance of the venue or other golden positions to arouse consumers' interest in playing.

In terms of the arrangement of arcade machines, we should make it well-spaced,not too concentrated or too loose.

Which venues are suitable for arcade machines?

The main consideration for deciding whether a venue is suitable for putting doll machines is whether there is a popular public spaces.

The common venues include shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, pedestrian streets, KTVs, shops near a school, entrances and exits of subway stations, various transit hubs, etc. Pay attention to the specific location, which is conducive to the exposure of arcade machines to passing people so that they are easy to pass by and have a play.
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Own store or open place of public areas?
Both are good, but usually the cost of the your own amusement arcade will be higher, the site is not fully utilized and the decoration is troublesome. It is suggested to give priority to the public area and rent it according to the monthly rent of each set. No matter how you choose, the creation of atmosphere is very important. So it's best to have more than 4 cheap arcade machines at each site. The more kinds, the better.
How do you know is there a popular crowded venue?
Find some time to observe there for a few days. Or calculate the flow of crowd through a practical gadget - mechanical manual metal counter.
How to cooperate with those newly opened shopping malls?
we must reduce the rent at the initial stage and strive to get a certain degree of discount. In this case, you are actually helping them attract young people and improve their popularity and image. In addition,. In addition, It's better to sign the contract more than once for more years.
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