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I'm torn between 2 bikes :[

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Some of you know me as AbsoLut from the old Z400 forums.. Well I ended up totaling my bike out on an insane hill.. Anyway, I've been out of the quad scene for about a year now and I've seen that Kawasucki has come out with this new ATV.. Oh joy
For all of those who own it, is it easy to wheelie? That's my main concern as if I start riding again i'm into stunt riding.. Or should I just buy another Z400..

And seeing how I"m on a kawa site i'll prolly get the same stuff as if I where on the YFZ site.. (I.E. BUY A YFZ THERE THE BEST

Also, shouldn't this site be in GREEN?
I like having suzuki's colors on a kawa site hah.
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Also, shouldn't this site be in GREEN?
Was just thinking the same thing. lol

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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