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KFX and Raptor collision

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So I went to Florence, Oregon this last weekend on saturday for a great day of riding at the oregon dunes and it went great until two that afternoon. I am on my month and a half old KFX 450r Flying up comp hill by the parking lot and was at the top of 4th gear when I collide with a 07 raptor 700 who was coming across the hill perpendicular to me. I am guessing a was going between 50-60 MPH. I don't know how fast the other guy was going. I was wearing a helmet and goggles. The guy on the Raptor wasn't and he faired better than I. I blacked out. The last thing I remember is being back down at my truck in the parking lot. My friend told me what happened while I was blacked out. My KFX and the guys Raptor collided. We both flew in the air and our bikes did also. Mine then rolled over the top of me. My friend said I woke up but I was confused. Like I said I don't remember. The damage: KFX- front right rim is bent, headlight guard is broke, right headlight is bearly hanging there, factory bumper is really bent and was almost ripped off, Lower front frame (Rectangular tube) is bent about 3 degrees. I plan on bending the frame straight at our machine shop. I have already ordered a new rim, and headlight guard and plan on building a new bigger bumper out of aluminum tubing. I am suprised that none of my plastics were damaged. I had a concusion and my right shoulder is hurting. The Raptor Damage- Both left a-arms were ripped off along with his wheel. Frame looked a little tweeked. damaged plastics. Thats all that i know of, might be more don't know. He wasn't hurt at all. MyKFX sits in my shop waiting for new parts. On the good Side of things I really like the way My KFX jumps. It is really easy to control in the air and lands real nice.
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sorry to hear about that. glade that I paid for insurance on mine.
do you have any pics?
Sorry to hear about your mishap as well... most important thing is that you're OK...

P.S. I have a set of New KFX450r (3 hours) stock front chrome rims/tries (if you're interested).
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