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KFX450 Carbon Fiber Parts

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Here are the parts that the factory Kawi guys are running. They are both made by QuadTech and are REAL carbon Fiber. Be the first one on your block with these two NEW SIK parts.

QuadTech Full Carbon Fiber Hood .......... you can view it installed in the first 2 photos, but there are stickers covering alot of the carbon fiber hood.

QuadTech Full Carbon Fiber roost shield .......... this item goes under the front fender. It covers the HUGE gap between the radiator shrouds and the front nose. You can view it installed in the first photo

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wow i really really like that, now tel me steve, how much moneys?
The retail price is $225.00 each. It exspensive, but damn they look good.

As always you have quality stuff. Looks Good...
nice for looks but dont scratch it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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