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I recently bought a couple quads, and with the quads, I had to buy everything the guy had. Here is a list. Everything is brand new. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to buy anything, I don’t always get to check the message boards.

YFZ450 UM Pro Pegs. Ball Burnished $225 Shipped
TRX450R Um Pro Pegs Ball Burnished $225 Shipped
YFZ450 UM Pro Pegs PC’d Black $235 Shipped
KFX450R AC wide Rear grab bat $75 shipped
TRX450R Black UM perfrmance Pro Pegs $235 shipped
LTZ450R AC Wide Grabbar $75 shipped
TRX450R UM Wide Grab bar Ball Burnished 85 Shipped
TRX450R UM wide Grab bar Black PC’D 95 Shipped
YFZ450 UM Wide Grab bar Ball Burnished 85 shipped
YFZ450 UM Black PC’d Wide grab bar 95 shipped.
YFZ450 fr. Blue Stainless stell Brake lines. $65 shipped
TRX450R Blue or Red Stainless steel Fr. Brake lines $65 shipped
YFZ450 Rear Brake line stainless steel $45 shipped
TRX450R Rear Brake line $45 shipped
TRX450R Dyna Ignition $300 shipped
YFZ450 Dyna Ignition $300 shipped
Tag +1 Steering stem YFZ450 1/1/8” Bar clamp $300 shipped
Tag +2 YFZ450 Steering Stem 1/18” Bar clamp $300 shipped
Tag +1 TRX450R Steering Stem 1/18” Bar clamp $300 shipped
YFZ450 Hot cams intake cam $150 shipped
YFZ450 Hot cams exhaust cam $150 shipped
TRX450R Stage 2 Hot cam $150 shipped
AC Wide Grab Bar Polaris Outlaw $75 shipped
10:5:1 Compression Wiseco Piston $150 shipped
Hond TRX450R and YFZ450 Fr. And rear Brake pads $25 shipped per set will Sell PR. Of FR. And rr. for $60 Shipped
Hole Shot XCR rr. Tires 20x11x8 $225 Shipped for the pair
Hole Shot XCR 21x7x10 Fr. Tire 105 shipped
Hole Shot AT 22x7x10 Fr. Tires $215 Shipped
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