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Nice pics. I saw the white and green today. Nice looking, purpose design. Handle bars are low. Picked up the rear of the quad and wow, light compared to my z and the the front seemed lighter there too.
Box aluminum frame, how strong?
I like the oil fill screw, no fumbling around the plastics.
Motor looks killer with a a pretty striaght header pipe, large throttle body and intake boot. Asked the guys if they rode it and they said no, never put gas in the machine! I could never be employed there, I'd have to mess with it a little. Nice piece even when sitting next to the YFZ, Ltr and Z. Looks mean. The black looks just plain evil. I'll have to hear, see, ride and wait to see if any gremlins plague the first run.
Most that I've heard is good, but suspension was knocked by some and the power was stated to be more of a top end, high rever. A 450 high rever sounds good to me. Others say strongest motor. I don't know, many good quads out there even the 500cc ttttwwwinnnnnn 50 to 60 Hp Banshee on the horzion. Ah, what a good time for all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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