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I bought this PC III back in Sep when I bought the bike. I installed it but I didn't use zip ties or something to secured but the velcro. Well on a jump the PCIII came off and had an encounter with the chain. The PC III was still working until this weeken when I got careless and got it wet. I ordered a new one and is suppose to be here tomorrow. This afternoon I went to the garage to explain a friend what happened and the bike started and is working just fine. I'd take a video of the bike running with the physically messed up but working PC III if I have to.

Best offer takes it.
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Yes you can download a map in it. But you can't manually adjust it.
I stand correct, you CAN NOT download maps into it. I went off the fact that the USB port still untouch and while making the video of it realized I could NOT load a map into it.

However, it has the DASA pipe and fuelatv intake map in it.
My Power Commander also came loose and got tangled in the chain. Mine still works but is really beat up. I think Dyno Jet's suggested mounting method is not good enough. I called Dyno Jet and requested they give me a discount on a replacement unit since their mounting failed. They basicly told me to wooter off. Most other companies in the industry offer better customer servce. I will be looking at other options when/if my current unit stops working.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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