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Hey, I saw a Kawasaki KFX450R up close and I couldn't stop talking about it. I want to get one really badly, so I have a 2004 Yamaha YFZ450, with a MX set up I will give for partial trade for a KFX450R plus some cash. If anyone has a KFX450R and wants a YFZ450, please let me know. I am willing to trade mine for a KFX450R. Let me know know and I'll get pictures of my YFZ450 for you. but here is what my YFZ450 all has for performance parts. DG Pro Peg Nerf Bars, DG Black Nationals Front Bumper, DG MX Grab Bar, Holeshot MXR4 tires all round, Tag X-5 Handlebars, Tag handlebar grips, 2006 stock steering stem, [email protected] E-Brake block off, [email protected] decompression plug, steel bolts, streamline rear brake rotor, all balls blue and black upper and lower chain rollers, HEP Silver Lower Rear Fender Brackets, DR.R slip-on Race Pipe, GYTR Air Filter, MX Revolution re-usable oil filter. The motor has a new top end, before I bought the quad, it had a complete top end rebuild. The cylinder and valves, head were all replaced with brand new ones, and my stock shocks are being sent out to a friend of mine who is going to send my shocks to TCS Suspension for conversion rebuilds, my stock shocks will be converted to triple rates by TCS. I'm buying a GYTR Kickstart kit-lever and internal gears, and the starter block off plug, and I'm getting a GYTR Billet aluminum radiator grill for it. So if you want to do a partial trade for a KFX450R, please let me know. Here are pictures. the HEP lower rear fender brackets are not in these pictures, because I had just ordered them at the time these pictures were taken like 2 days before. But I'll get new pictures updated soon.

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