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Kinda Scary...

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After going around to several local dealers, I finally made the decision to go pick up a Green KFX450 today. I spoke with the salesman on the phone and told him I'd be after the quad in the next hour, so they could be getting it out of the crate and assembling it and such.

The salesman had just finished up the paper work and was going over everything and I was signing it and such when one of the mechanics came running in saying, "Wait! Wait! We have a problem." At first I thought he was only joking, but he continues to say that the bike is blowing out oil from a leaking gasket and is going to need fixed before it can be sold.

Luckily, they had one other green one still in the crate but I can't get it til tomorrow since they were about to close by the time all of this had happened and it still needed to be assembled. Tonight is going to be a pretty long night, lol.

I hope this is only a freak think and that this was an isolated problem. I just hope the quad will be reliable and not give too many problems.
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totaly off topic but Im assuming you own a evolution...? Are you on evom?
yep. screen name is ultimatesteve. I have a RR VIII that I am actually selling.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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