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Long travel...what makes a shock "Long Travel"?

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The term "Long Travel" came about because moving the shock out further toward the wheel causes the shaft to travel further when the suspension is moving. Aka a Long Travel shock. As a result of moving the shock out, and the increased shaft travel a longer shock body is required.. but that is a result, not the cause.

An 18" long shock with 3" of shaft travel is not a LT shock. However, a 15" shock with 6" of shaft travel is a LT shock.

For example.. If you have a 300ex. and you put a set of shock on it that are 18" long (much longer than stock), raise the upper mount to accommodate and use the stock a-arm mounting locations it is not an LT system. It is just a big ass ugly shock doing nothing more than a stock length shock does. Full shaft travel of about 3 inches.

Now if you take a shorter length shock, say 15 inches and drop the upper mounts back down closer to the stock mounting locations, and move the lower shock mount out closer to the wheels, your shock shafts travel can increase (to about 6"), thus a long travel shock.

That's what a LT system is supposed to be. Simply moving the lower mount closer to the ground only reduces ground clearance. You have to move it closer to the wheels to make it an LT system.

Dropping the mounting point on many of the arms like Laegers, Walsh, etc.. is for ease of fabrication and design. They bend the tubes, place a mounting tube on the bottom of the tubes, and weld them together using a pair of gussets. It's quicker, cheaper, and stronger than drilling a hole through the arms, and inserting the mounts there. It's also stronger than putting them in top since tensile strength of steel is MUCH stronger than crush resistance. It's good sound engineering and manufacturing, but that alone is not what makes it a Long Travel system. I hope this clarify's things for some of you.
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PEEWEE you get some good info keep up the great work
Nah bro, i've been blessed to have been around great teachers and people who really know they're stuff. I just listened and learned!
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