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I saw the one topic where it was closed and someone calling BS on me. No my YFZ was not stock. I bought a 2200.00 dollar 2006 WR450F Dirt Bike engine with the Wide Ratio Tranny Hence the WR. That with stock gearing does in fact do 82MPH on GPS. It has exhaust, Crower Cam, K&N and alot more, now my neighbor owns it.

On the KFX subject, it does 69 Stock, im 225lbs. This is on a Garmin GPS. My brother and I both did the runs and we both have one, one green and one white. And it does in fact do 83MPH with A 15 front, 34 tooth rear, ESR pipe, Power Commander, Uni Air Filter, Crower Cam. If you do not get the results I have it might be because you dont have the power up top to get to the rev limiter like I do. Its still stored on my GPS as 83 MPH that mounts on my KFX. No BS. Its not so great on the trail so im down to a 36 tooth rear and 14 front and it is not fasr by any means.

And the 2003 Z400 we used to heave eash, did 72MPH on the same one, stock.

Any Questions?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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