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My Baby

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Thought i would post up some pics of my baby since i haven't done that yet. I know she's nothing special, but i can still be proud. Here ya go. Enjoy. Sorry the pics are a little big.

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Thanks man.
Never had one there from the day i picked her up.
Wow I totally envy your bike, hows the yoshi?
Thanks, I love it. I've had tons of compliments for the pipe and how it sounds.
Got a yoshi ordered. Great pics. Gives me a idea what its going to look like.

No problem, you'll love it.
Do you have a better picture of how you mounted your hand guards? I tried putting mine on and the clutch side just didn't want to fit.

I'd like to see pictures of how you mounted the guards also.

Plus, where did you pick up those Monster stickers?
where did you get those monster graphics?? they are very nice
does anybody know where i can find those graphics?
Sorry guys, it's been a while since i've been on... Hunting season and work pretty much takes over my winter. I got the gfx off a guy on ebay. They're listed for snowboards.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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