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My concerns with the frame

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For anyone who really knows what to feel for when they ride, they know why a frame is designed to flex. My issue is this....Cannondales aluminum frames were EXTREMELY rigid, while this did'nt bother the everday trail riders...us racers had complaints, the "lack" of flex on the Dales made them harder to control through choppy corners, G-outs, deep and long whoops, and woods riders had the same ill effects. You don't notice it until you have rode a quad that has the desired amount of flex in the chassis. I'm hoping this chassis is'nt as rigid as the Dales, to much rigidity can hamper handling just as to much flex can hamper handling....it a fine line to stay on.
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Good points i wonder how it would hold up to extream xc/mx races
Hmm, it's a little less beefy looking then the 'dale, yet still way more so then any other quad, so this would be an interesting thing to find out...man can't wait to test one out!
It looks like it should hold up pretty decent. One of the things I noticed first was how the lower a-arms bolt onto the frame. Its something different for sure but I'm not a big fan of the design, we'll have to see how that holds up. From what I can tell from the pictures the sleeve that runs through the lower a-arm gets bolted onto the frame rail from the side.
The alluminum frame would look kool polished tho FOR THE DUNEANATICS LOL
The bottom of the frame in the front looks a little skinny.
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The bottom of the frame in the front looks a little skinny.
Don't take my word for it, but apparently that is a good thing. Hence the Laeger's narrow frame hybrid. Supposedly the longer a-arm allows for a smoother ride in some way or another. I do agree thought that by hitting a tree or something it would tweak much easier.
Thats what i was thinking to you know when you hit something it just dont look very strong.
That single tube lower frame will reduce bump steer as the tie rods and arms will be closer in over all length. This is a great thing in a frame. However you guys nailed it.... when hitting "anything" with the front of the quad ... the question becomes how strong is that lower single tube frame rail.
i dont think that there will be many issues wit hitting stuff, if your hitting something fast enough to bend the frame then there is gonna be other parts broken too
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