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Well I have read mostly all the topics on this site about the kfx 450. I have been looking at one even before they came out and today on my last day at work down in california I stopped my delivery truck and went in to the local Kawi dealer and found a black edition kfx 450 sitting in the window. So after talking to the sales rep for a while He caculated me a price after taxes 8,600...... I said um no thank you how about this. I am an Oregon resident, I will be moving there tomorrow. I really dislike working with the local dealer up there where I bought my trusting old 05 Z400. So to make a long story short I saved a nice chunk of change!, tomorrow morning I sign the papers!, and will have the bike delivered to me in Oregon free of charge tomorrow night!, actually the guy is following me up there lol. I am so stoked I cant see straight!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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