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After installing my 15 front 34 rear sprockets, Crower Intake cam, ESR exhaust, DynoJet Programmer, removed the fenders for better aerodynamics, I gained a tops speed on my GPS of 83.2MPH. Its geared good for 1 person riding in the trails but the suspension is beating me up. If I plan on riding with 2 up or going on a long trip with slower riders I think the 34 rear will do fine as far as an all over sprocket.

I would say its close to the YFZ I have(06 WR450 Motor, crower cam, full exhaust, velocity intake, jetted and stock gearing 82MPH flat GPS) as far as power but its geared too high to compare cause the YFZ has a wide ratio tranny thats got all low gears till the top. So If I geared it back to a 34 only it might be really nasty. Stock gearing would be too low and too much power and gears are too close.

I havent washed it so I wont take a pic. Soon I will.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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