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My skid plate

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My dad helped me a lot with this project. I have access to he machine shop which is really nice. We started with 3/16 inch aluminum plate and he programmed the shape into his electronic plasma torch. Cut it out and bent it. This skid plate has the same mounting as the stock plastic one and the same holes for oil change. I can make more. Like I said mine is 3/16 inch thick and weighs 3.5 lbs. If i were to do it again I would use 1/8 inch plate to cut weight and it would be strong enough for anyone. I could also use polished diamond plate. Here is a picture

For more pictures go to KFX and skid plate
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Nice job. I would be a little worried about only using the stock mounting bolts. I took my 450 out on a scramble a few weeks ago and my new skids don't look new anymore
They did their job, but they took a beating. You might think of adding a mount similar to how PRM mounts to the frame rails.

My PRM Skids Maybe you can see where they used a hose clamp and went around the frame to make the mounting more solid. We'll see just durable this design is
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