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Need more top end!

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Well I was drag racing yesterday and I used to beat my friend's YFZ450 before his cam mod. He has full exhaust and k & N. Now with his cam mod I still take him but untill 5th gear when he very slowly starts creeping on me. I was thinking of swaping my 36t for a 34t or would adding a 15t front be a better idea instead. Is a 15ft and 36t combo overkill? Thanks.
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The KFX motor is the KX motor, parts that were changed, (maybe for detuning the quad?) intake track, pipe, cams (both), EFI, but we all want that, gear box, but sprocket change can take care of this, if you want your quad to accelerate more violently, change your camS, with the other two,(intake system & pipe)
Dirt Bike talk..(kx)
Some people ask, what is the diff between the kx intake cam and crowers intake cam? on top not a thing,
bottom and mid range gain, super x riders like this intake cam, crower could not inprove the exhaust cam on the dirt bike, they say its spot on.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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