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Everyone be sure and check out the new issue of ATV Rider Magazine! It's the one with the KTM on the cover and the last page has Jamie Boughers chest guard.

As some of you know this marks the first issue of the next regime. Thad Josey is the Editor now and has built a strong team of people to take the magazine to the next level. You can pick up this issue and already see the changes taking place in the format, layout and style.

Look for some great things with the magazine with Thad Josey as the new head editor. As a lot of you know he is also a GNCC racer. Thad was with ATVR in the past and left to work for QUAD Off-Road. And a couple months ago went back. He immediately started building his team of photographers and journalists and I am please to say I was one of the first.

A long-standing member of the ATVR group is Adam Campbell. Adam is THE rockstar in the ATV photographic community. His work is some of the most famous as well as the best in content. Adam is the person whom the ATV world looks to for the tough stuff.

So far I have also had the privilege of working with Eli Madero and Kat Lawlor. Both do fantastic work and are committed to the world of ATVs. Eli is an west coast associate editor and knows what he is speaking about. Kat is the new graphic designer and she is awesome!

I also want to mention that ATVRs commitment to the field of ATV riding and racing is strong enough that they are allowing me to continue on with AEM. This is uncommon in the media industry and I appreciate the opportunity to do both.

When you review this issue you will find my first large feature article which happens to be the Christmas Buyers Guide. You can also find various ads, photos and clip that were mine. I started with Thad with only two weeks leading into this issue and you can bet I’ve put a lot more into the upcoming issues.

Their website is going to offer a lot more race coverage and data in the near future and I hope to have some involvement in that as well. So be sure and check it out if you get some time: www.atvrideronline.com

One thing to remember with ATV Rider Magazine is that they have been a part of every major racing series for many years. They are always involved and looking to grow. And part of my position is to help them print what YOU want to see. So speak up when you like something, or let us know what you want to see!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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