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I've been reading and printing the info on suspension, but I'm still a bit confused. The rear shock on the kfx is pretty straight forward. Preload adjustment, compression (top flat-blade screw) adjustment, rebound (bottom f-b screw) adjustment, and high/slow speed 17mm nut around the compression adjustment. Am I getting that right?? So that makes for one fully adjustable shock, which is awesome for a stocker. Thanks Kawi!!
Now for the confusion, if I'm not screwed up all ready.
The front shock is fully adjustable too? I'm not seeing the high/slow speed compression adjustment. I see the stamps at the bottom of the shock, H and S, but I'm just not getting it. uhhh, help?
Thanks in advance, and this site is the best so far.

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The front shocks are only low speed compression adjustable. That's the screw by the rezzie. The bottom one is your rebound. The preload is just like the rear.
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