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Power Commander cuting out?

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I am having problems with my kfx450 cutting out and dying when riding with my Power Commander III / USB conceded.

WHAT IT DOES: It will cut out and fall on its face for a split second usually over rough ground, or some times die. no pops back fires or wearied noises, just like I let off the throttle and it cuts the fuel. After I installed and mapped it, it worked fine for about a month until i was on a track and it did it in 5th gear just as i left the ramp for a 75' double (that i had cleared before), and didn’t make. resulting in a subframe bars and vicodin. It still does it at random times no mater where I ride Dunes, trails, track.....

WHAT I'VE DONE: I have a great map for my bike according to an A/F monitor on a dyno. (very close to the #3 map on the dynojet website) and have experimented with other maps lots, and returned 2 P.C. units to dyno jet. Both have ben factory tested and found no problems, they replaced both of them with new any whey. I have cut the throttle positioning sensor wire and sotred into it, just like dyno jet recomends insted of using the suplied spliceing clip. I have used Di-electric grease on the throttle body connection and secured all wires and connecters securely to the frame with zip ties. The unit was mounted under the tool kit with velcro. I've tried hard mounting it there, and tried bubble-rap around it for anti vibration. I can un-plug the unit at any time and plug the throttle body in without the P.C.III and it will do fine, just run very lean, loud, and under powered with a ghost white plug. I've taken it to the dealer and they can find nothing.

I love my KFX450, but I have become timed and scared of it after it cutting out over numerous obstacles. I love this bike so much I might sell it and buy another new one hopefully without the problem.

Any thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Ask the dealer if they tested the tps itself. I have had 2 people tell me they had problems with it on 2 different quads (outlaw 525 and yfz450). Also, Your fuel pump might have a problem. Did you have the recall on the tank? If they reinstalled a new tank, it might have been damaged. just my 2 cents. I hope you find out whats wrong because these bikes rock with just a few upgrades. Oh, 1 other thing, you mentioned that it was right before a monster double, any chance the rollover sensor under the hood could be loose? I have heard of this causing some grief as well.
check your negative lead is correctly installed and tight mine used to die after going on a 500km dersert race. The lead would drop off when jumping and then reconnect on landing
after checking the roll over censor. The ground appeared to be fine and tight, but i ran an extra ground from the P.C./fuel pump ground on the frame to the negitive bat. termonal using a 14 gage wire. rode it hard saterday and sunday with no problems at all. Its fixed.....I cant beleve i looked over something so simple.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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