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Pro Taper 36T rear sprocket

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It came in today but it won't fit the bike. The 4 holes on this sprocket doesn't align with the stock rear sprocket, they are a little off. On the package sayd it will fit KXF 450 and LTR 450, yes it says KXF NOT KFX. I called them and they overnight'd me another one. Well same brand but a 35T.
Anyone had this problem before?
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same thing happend to me when i ordered the 35t version, I ended up sending mine back to them for a refund. also about a week after i sent the 35t back they took it off their site, and then after about 2 months it was back on their site again. I figured maybe they fixed it but i guess not.

also where did you order yours from? The one I ordered was from rocky Mt.
RMA, is on the tittle.
Well I got the 35T today and it just the same as the 36t, won't fit.
did you resolve this issue. I am in australia and my sprocket has just arrived and it wont fit. Just wondering if you took yours to machine out the holes slightly so it will line up with the housing???? I am going through emails now trying to come to a conclusion
Looks like RMATV took them off there website, They just have the renthal ones. Under the KFX450R products. Good thiing I bought renthal.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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