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Quad of the Month Rules!

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We have a set of rules posted right at the top of this section.
They are as blatant as we can make them because we want them followed.
QOTM entries are for just that. No comments are to be given in that section for any reason even if its praise. We had a lot of trouble In the past and the rules are in place for a reason.

Basic Rules:
1. You are not to reply in the thread. You post your pictures, your mods and nothing more. If anyone does post a reply the message will be deleted and you person who posted will be warned to not do it again. If you do it again you will be banned for a minimum of a week.
2. ONLY KFX450’s,
3. If you start another thread about QOTM in another section to talk about the applicants it will be removed and treated like a post in this section.
4. If you are found to be cheating in ANY WAY including multiple registrations, bribery, link redirection or any unethical type of behavior we will remove your quad from the running and there is a good chance your account will be suspended or even BANNED. We want this as fair as possible guys.

Good luck to all and start posting your machines….
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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