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Racing a modded 07 TRX450R

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The guy has the HRC power-up kit and lid removed from the air box along with a K & N filter and spark arrestor removed from the stock exhaust. The power up kit is pretty much a hotter cam header pipe rpm extender and jets. My mods on my KFX are 36t rear sprocket full Dasa with 13" can and PC3. What do you guys think the outcome will be? I raced him before the Dasa and I was on him. I'm gonna record it and post it up on youtube after sunday.
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So the Honday has an HRC kit right? HRC cam and HRC head pipe? That is a great combo, but if your bike is tunned right it will be close and could go either way. i say you will pull him by a hair. Has he changed anything since your last race?
Just the your 13" Dasa pipe from our last race.
So the Honda has not changed at all and you added the 13" Dasa? If that is the case you will gain about 5 HP and that should give you a bike length or two. As with all racing alot of facotrs come into play, but i will stick with my original guess ......... you pull him by a hair AS LONG AS IT IS TUNED.
I tell you what if you know how to ride you should win. I raced a couple of fast bikes and could beat them only if I was able to hear the motor rev(stock pipe) and shift at the right rpm, if not I would lose. Here are a few races. Keep in mind I had 22" cheng shin tires, great drag tires and would give me the gearing needed for these bikes.
Nice races Pipo! Also my last question could I safelly run the file from the Power commander website which is for sparky removed and air lid off, or maybe even the full procircuit tune with the Dasa? This will only be for a week or so. Thanks for the replies fellaz.
I wouldn't run it, I got that one with my mods and I checked the spark plug 2 weeks after and it looks pretty lean. The reading could be off though, I've been running 110 race gas.
Woah! You're right. I better wait and tune it late with the map for my pipe. Thanks for the info.
Well I smoked him on every race. Got ahead and stayed therere. I was impressed with the Dasa pipe, performs very well. Pipo were you runinng 22x10-9 tires?
Actually they are 22/11-8, and I use them for drag racing only.
Where's the video?

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I forgot to take the dang camcorder. I was so pissed!
I go every sunday though so I will be posting videos soon.
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