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Hey guys, i've been kinda hanging around the site and finally decided to become a member. I'm looking to get a little more top speed without losing to much low end torque. I've been reading where some of you guys are going with the 34t sprocket for the rear and keeping the stock sprocket on the front. This sounds like it's what i'm looking for, but i'm wondering what else i need done to the quad to support this if anything? Also how hard is it to do? This is my first quad and i'm kinda new to this scene, but i'm a quick learner when it comes to hands on work. Anyway, if you guys could chime in that would be cool. As of right now i'm getting ready to order the DynoJet PowerProgrammer, a full exhaust system (When does the Yoshi come out or has it already?), and does anybody have a good intake out yet for it? I'm looking for suggestions as mentioned before i'm pretty new to this quad game.

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Is that the harden sprocket????

If not its worth the extra 12$ toget it....
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& like I hav said B4 Gay1 The 33tr/15tf is to tall.....

QUOTE(PCMamerica @ Nov 14 2007, 10:23 PM)
69 Stock everything
83 with the 15 tooth front and 34 tooth rear.

QUOTE (Fast1 @ Dec 7 2007, 06:13 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=4729
Dabutcher was running a 15/33 combo and his top end speed was at least 10 mph less than yours.
Which is it??? Your starting to believe your own BS...

does that hav to do w/ anything in this thread????
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