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i am trying to get some info on the following parts.

SPROCKETS: How low can you go in the back? I have 15 in the front and 37 in the back. I have seen post with 33. DOEs anyone know who makes these models? And does anyone know what top speed I should have with the 15 front and 37 rear?

Wheel spacer: How many diffrent sizes and what would you recommend. I rare go into tight trails.

Tires: I don't go to races. I usually drive on gravel ( big + small stones), a little on dirt and three months of the year on snow. I am trying to get maxuimum speed out of the kawasaki so I would need something capable of handling 85 miles per hour or more. I don't know what the diffrent tire "plys" are for. I find that my stock tire are wearing up really fast. I would like something a bit harder and of good quality.

Trunk/trailer hicth. Are there any types of kits for a trunk or trail hict that ca be installed on the kfx 450r. I have seen many for those " work hoirse" atv's but now for the race atvs.

Back bumber with license plate mount. Does anyone know of a back bumper that I can bolt my license plate onto? For know I am using tie wraps to hold it in place. It's just a question of time before they break.

Thank you,
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