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I took my kfx 450 to a xc race on the weekend, and it played up big style!!!
I fitted a fuel intake last week tried it for a couple of hours and it was fine, so i went to my Xc enduro on the weekend, i got the kfx off the trailer to take to scruitennering and it started perfectly, there was a big line up so i ended up starting/stop/start/stop/start/stop about 12-13 times when i went to move it again it just turned over and wouldnt fire up???? i noticed i'd left the ignition key on it must have been on for about 10 minutes?? i tried again and nothing so i borrowed a rope and towed it and it started instantly but the idle sounded a bit odd, surging/hunting a bit but only on tickover i got back in the line up and about a minute later it cut out!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!! i'm piss'd now!!!
Bump started it and it fired up instanly again i got it through sruiteneering and let it run for about 15 minutes to charge the battery and swithched it off! i tried it and it fired right up?!?!?!?!? what the f*** is going on????????
I went and got my gear on and came back about 40 minutes later for the start of the race and it started fine i did 1 lap "6-7 miles" and it stalled at the checkpoint and wouldnt restart just spinning over, i waited for my m8 to come round and had a tow from him and it started right up!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!

I did the whole 2.5 hour race putting up with this s**t
I had to be tow started about 5 times through the race but at least i didnt get a DNF!!!

I washed the kfx today and tried it and it started up perfectly?? i let it run for about a minute cut it off and tried it again and it started!!! so i let it run for about 7-8 minutes shut it off and tried to restart it and it just spun over and over?????
I took the nose off and it was full of mud so i cleaned it up and tried to start it while wiggling a few wires and i flicked a couple of the relays and it fired up!?!?!?!?!
Can someone tell me which relay is for what???

I need to get this sorted as i've got a big race in about 3 weeks??

Please help?????? any ideas??

Anyone got a wiring diagram as i havent got a manual???

This is my first problem with my kfx in 7 races....
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